Light Hands Horsemanship 2014

Light Hands Horsemanship 2014 will bring us all together for our 8th year. Looking back over the last 7 years fills us all with a deep feeling of accomplishment. Our goal was to spread better horsemanship and share our knowledge as a group. We opened our doors in the early years with great trepidation….. would people come? Could we take this new format and teaching concept and make it work, make it affordable and make it a one of a kind event? Could we keep it “up close and personable?” It has been an honor to succeed at all this and more. We experienced accomplishments beyond our dreams.

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About Light Hands Horsemanship!

We shared what friendship and horses can bring to us as individuals and as a group. It is not only our guests that learn and experience great things at LHH each year; we as clinicians do the same. For us it is as magical as it is for the guests. We could not do this without your support. You, are what makes this happen each year; you bring out the best in us.

In 2014 Light Hands Horsemanship will be dedicated to YOU, our guests who bring with them the “magic” that is Light Hands Horsemanship each year.

Light Hands Horsemanship 2014 will be the last Light Hands held at Art Perry’s beautiful Intrepid Farms. We wish to thank Art for all his hospitality over the years. There is no place like Intrepid and out next location will have big shoes to fill.

How do you create the “lightness?” These nine clinicians are “MASTERS OF LIGHTNESS.” They will teach you, share their knowledge and create a desire in you to know more, to learn more. It promises to be a weekend not easily forgotten.

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2011 LHH video

LHH is pleased to have Vaquero Horsewoman Katrina Sanders as their guest speaker in 2014.

Katrina Sanders

Growing up on the Central Coast, Katrina was able to cross discipline lines both showing hunter/jumpers and riding on local cattle ranches.  She has spent the last several years dedicating her passions towards preserving and promoting the philosophies and culture of California Vaquero horsemanship.  Seeking out venues that will honor and respect classical equitation and Vaquero horsemanship, Katrina is a member of the United States Working Equitation and an active advisory board member of Cowboy Dressage World. 


LHH 2013 Continues to Raise the Bar for Horsemanship Events.

Year number 7 was another great one for Light Hands Horsemanship.

How it continues to deliver at such a high level each and every year is amazing. I have to applaud the clinicians, staff, Art Perry, Spalding-Labs, vendors and Kevin Henning who give their all, time after time, year after year. People still come from around the country and around the world to share in the 4 days of magic.

Award winning singer/song writer Mary Ann Kennedy surprised Dr. Robert Miller with a song she wrote and sang in his honor. Berry Landen and Tom Spalding did a wonderful DVD to compliment the song. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was a very special moment and so glad our LHH guests were there to share this special tribute. Of course Dr. Bob’s lectures were full of laughter and excellent information. Dr. Bob is known to be an event all by himself at times!

Jon Ensign and Lester Buckley brought horsemanship and team work to the event this year. As you know with horses not everything goes as planned. Jon’s colt that he brought was nervous so Lester jumped in and he and Jon gave us all a lesson in friendship, horsemanship, humility; they too moved a few to shared emotions.

The Cowboy Code is alive and well at LHH. Sometimes the most special moments at LHH are the small ones. A touch, a look, a few words between the young and older riders….. so much wisdom and kindness on all fronts for everyone.

Richard Winters did an excellent job starting a young Lusitano stallion. Richard is at home in the round pen. He can ride, work, talk , educate and stay out of trouble all at the same time. He never takes his eye off the horse but stays very connected with his audience.

Sarah Winters joined LHH this year and rode her Quarter Horse Reiner for Jack Brainard during his clinics. This proved to be a good match between, horse, demo rider and master horseman.  Jack as always shared a lifetime of horsemanship as only Jack can.

Rick Lamb was once again a noted speaker and Master of Ceremony for LHH 2013. Rick keeps the whole event on schedule and his lectures are favorites with our guests. Always insightful and thoughtful we all look forward to his shared knowledge.

Eitan brought his Cowboy Dressage to LHH this year. Megan Evans and Sarah Winters did some Cowgirl Dressage on Eitan’s mini court with guidance from Eitan and Lyn Moe. Eitan rode is beloved Santa Fe Renegade in his other clinic. This was to be Santa Fe’s last LHH clinic. He is now retired and in the pasture with his favorite blond (palomino) mare. Eitan also did a video lecture on the history of the dressage court and the movement of the Cowboy Dressage gaits. He will be doing more lectures next year…he says he wants to follow in Dr. Bob’s footsteps.

Sheila Varian, who is always a favorite, brought her wisdom and humor to LHH. She and Eitan did a impromptu La Garrocha demo. Eitan made Sheila a “pink” La Garrocha stick! The two of them are like Burns and Allen on horseback if any of  you are old enough to remember that TV team.

What can I say about the food. Each year Kevin Henning out-does himself. He and his staff know how to feed us. No one went hungry for sure. Kudos to Kevin for raising the bar on food yet another year.

This may have been our best group of vendors yet. Most will be returning, so be ready to shop in 2014!

Every year we try to have a “theme” for that year’s event. We have done the Vaquero and the Ranch Horse and all were fabulous. But this year was the best Bathroom year we have ever had. It was defiantly the year of the “potty.” Tom Spalding said LHH was a first class event and we should have first class bathrooms. That we did and they will be back by overwhelming requests. Thank you Tom.

John Hall from Succeed gave a lecture on the prevention and treatment of ulcers in horses. Very informative and I bet some horses got some much needed help after this year’s event.

A big thank you to Art Perry and his Intrepid Farms that we take over each year. Art is so gracious and such a warm and welcoming host.

Our loyal supporter and sponsor Tom Spalding and Spalding – Labs was a big presence this year. They debut one of their new commercials staring Richard Winters. It is great and a must see. If you wish to see both Dr. Miller’s song by Mary Ann Kennedy and Richard’s starring role visit the Light Hands Horsemanship Community at:

The new website will be up and ready for registration by Dec. 1, 2013.

Click here for some picture highlights from 2013. Thank you Debby Zarate for the great pictures.

Mark your calendars for May 29- June 1, 2014 for Light Hands Horsemanship 2014.  Same place…… it is like coming home to a family reunion……. only with horses!

Lighthands Horsemanship 2011

"Light hands offers the ability to reach the horse's body through his mind; it's a greeting of sorts, a handshake of the heart."        
                ~Clinician Jon Ensign

"When a horse is taught to balance himself and not rely on the rider's hands to hold him in frame, lightness occurs." Light hands represent the highest achievement between horse and rider. 
                ~Clinician Eitan Beth-Halachmy

"Light Hands Horsemanship.... where you are a "guest, not an auditor."

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