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What Is Casino War And How It Is Played?

Casinos have a long history. They are a part of the global entertainment for like centuries. Casinos, even before they could take that name, existed as centers of entertainment. People gathered at these places to drink and play games recreationally. Gambling is something that slowly penetrated, and then most of these places had to face legal issues. However, most of the countries around the world have legalized gambling, if not completely at least to a reasonable extent. The games that are played in casinos are broadly classified under table-top games and video slot machine. Casino war is one of the tabletop games that are extensively played by most gamblers. Casino war is relatively a new game when compared to the legacy that casinos have for themselves. The legal patent for this game was filed only in the year 1993.

Casino War: How the players wage war?

  • Casino war is a game of comparison. In fact, it is one of the simplest games in the list. The game is between the player and the dealer. Players do not play amongst themselves. Players and dealers are given a card each. The card of the player is compared with the card of the dealer. The card that has the higher value wins and the holder of that card is declared as the winner.
  • The rules of the games are simple and are easily understandable. So chances of the player winning the game are as high as 50%. This makes most of the players opt this game, just because they can see some victory.
  • Players who are veterans as far as Casino War is concerned, classify the rules of the game under three heads, Stingy rules, Liberal rules and Super Liberal rules. Depending on how your victory streak is the rules either favor you or act against you.
  • Since gambling is one game where contingency is consistent, the player has to be ready for any event that happens and has to be prepared with alternative plans to turn the tides in your favor.
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Some interesting facts:

Since we saw about a card game, there are some of the interesting facts that you love to know about card games and casinos:

  • No one knows the real reason behind the number of cards in the deck. This is because these numbers were not consistent. The number of cards in a deck kept changing, ranging from 24,36,40,48 and finally, they settled down with 52.
  • But coincidentally someone found out the number 52 matches with the number of weeks. Ok, this one is easy. But not many of us know that if you add up the values of the cards in the deck, it adds up to 365!
  • The concept of card games was first invented by the Chinese and card games were extensively played in China.
  • It was the French that took the victory both in finalizing the number of cards in a deck and also the four suits in a deck. The concept of ‘hearts, spades, diamonds, and club’ was the French version, before they went globally.


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