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Quotes from the 2011 LHH Event

LHH is so much more than a clinic... It is a "must do" event....!!!  I have attended four times and keep coming back, for the knowledge, the horses, the clinicians, the people the exquisite beauty of the setting.  NO other clinic compares.  It's all about the love of the Horse" 
Pat West, Ocala, FL.

To attended Light Hands Horsemanship is a experience of a life time. A venue like no other! There is so much horsemanship's in one spot. Every year I have been at this awesome venue I ALWAYS go home with excitement to try what I have learned from the great horsemen that were there to share their wisdom. The LHH is the most inspiring experience I have ever gone to. And a BIG Thank you to all that have put this venue together.
Ron Smith, Grass Valley, CA

Light Hands Horsemanship features a magical combination of a spectacular setting in California's stunningly beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, world-class horsemen who are personally accessible throughout the event, an intimate format with a limited number of attendees, great food and wonderful exhibitors.  It is a fun, entertaining and educational international gathering of dedicated horse lovers quite unique in all the world.
Chris Newbert, Ocala, FL

Lighthands horsemanship event is a unique blend of premeir performance Horsemanship, the emerging cowboy horsemanship and the learning horse public. The event is unique, useful technique. Demonstrations up close and the opportunity to talk to top professional first hand. And its location is a premeir horse farm and ITS FUN!
Roxanne Ellison, Rolling Hills, CA

“As a student of natural horsemanship with one of America’s leading clinicians prior to attending LHH, I was thrilled to see others practicing the “light hands” and “soft feel “ craft with such propriety and excellence. I was particularly impressed by the diversity of attendees from many equestrian disciplines and from international settings to boot. Light Hands has assumed  a permanent place on my yearly agenda!”
Dr. Karl Cloninger
Dripping Springs, Texas

LHH was a life-changing experience for me.  As a professional in the horse industry, it was so refreshing to be in an environment that was all for the horse, yet common sense prevailed.   I loved the close environment and access to the clinicians.  It made me feel part of a big family that was working together for the benefit of horses.
Lyn Ringrose Moe, Woodland,  CA

"Good food, good music, good friends, and an insight into horsemanship thru the eyes of true legends ... we wouldn't have missed it for the world." Vicki & Jim Hackett, Rocky Ridge, MD

LHH is a first class, not to be missed, event catering (dedicated/committed) to furthering the knowledge of all horse enthusiasts, offering a variety of learning opportunities presented by talented horsemen/women.  Dale  Rumens-Partee,  WA

Quotes from the 2011 LHH Event

Fun tidbit from Frank and Renn Rohling:

  • Lester - Cerebral

  • Jon - Gentle

  • Eitan - Romantic

  • Sheila - Love

  • Richard- Renaissance Man [new/old]

  • Dr. Miller - couldn't think of the perfect description - he is indescribable.

This year was my first at LHH and I was blown away by the quality presented from so many extraordinary horseman.  Yes want to attend again in 2012!

Pat Mitchell

Estella, Greg, and I thoroughly enjoyed the LHH gathering. We learned, we met good people, we ate well, we saw excellence in action, and we fell in love with our own horses all over again.

Thank you for all  for your efforts in making this such a special gathering. I will also say that I have never, ever, laughed so hard at a story as that night listening to Jack Brainard! He does indeed take storytelling to a whole new level!

Katie Birchenough

Blanche and I send a special thanks to you and everyone involved in the recent Light Hands Horsemanship event in Santa Ynez. We thoroughly enjoyed every part of this event. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. We feel privileged to be guests of such a wonderful group of people. Thanks again.

Ernie Morris

I really loved it (LHH)  and meeting these guys you told me so much about was mind boggling. Gloria Cook

Had an amazing time, can you send me the event remarks page again, I scribbled notes on mine. I thought Jack would laugh to see his straightness so visible. Got home and my horse and I started again with Rhythm...in my mind I see Lester Buster (my new name for him) swinging along on that big happy horse, I see Eitan out on the canter, I see Jack in his quiet whisper of a voice telling us quietly about straightness and footfall, I see John quietly teaching the baby to move with him at his pace, I see Richard moving with his developed horse. I see Ernie reminding us what got us here, his explanation of how he expects his partner to back him up (although he told me quietly that he loved that horse best of all and hope he and that horse had more good years together) and Sheila, who taught us to see beauty, hear the music, dance the dance and care what's right for us and the horse and I see Bob, pushing all of us to the rhythm of the horse, doing what's right, setting them and us up for a happier and healthier life. I also see you, Deb, like the ultimate den mother, making sure we all learn, in the best of circumstances, to be the best we can be. We all thank you for the most amazing gathering of horseman and horse woman, probably EVER. We look forward to Cowgirl dressage! Again, "I like it and I don’t care.”  Roxanne Ellison

My name is Mckenzie Teel, I met you at the Light Hands clinic this past may. I attended with Dale Rumens-Partee. First and foremost, let me just say how much I enjoyed the clinic. It was truly one of the most wonderful, inspiring, and fun experiences of my life. I learned so much and spent most of the weekend in awe of the wonderful talent and instruction I was lucky enough to be exposed to. I appreciated the availability of the clinicians for questions, comments, and friendly chit-chat. Words cannot express how meaningful the clinic was for me and I will definitely be back next year ! Mckenzie Teel

Quotes from the 2010 LHH Event

We enjoyed the conference.  I attend and present at many conferences and must say that yours has been one of my favorites.  I liked the laid back/down to earth approach and the smaller # of people in attendance.  We also appreciated the approachability of the presenters and being able to follow up with questions.  Rick Lamb as usual did a great job as emcee keeping everything on schedule.  You did a great job organizing the clinic.

Greg and Nettie Barr
Canadian Natural Horsemanship Inc

Thank you so much for the great event in Santa Ynez. I came away inspired and refreshed, thanks again.  I am back home now working horses everyday and trying out some of the more advanced techniques from Lester and Eitan. What an awesome event and what a great way for people to get involved with Natural Horsemanship in an intimate setting. I hope that I am able to return next year. Joe Turner, MT

When can we sign up for 2011!!!  It was the best horse event I've ever attended.  Thank you so much.  Molly Hogan

Thank you so much for all your hard work.  My husband and I thought the clinic was AWESOME!  In fact, my husband was so taken by it all that he signed us up for a week clinic with Richard Winters.  He had previously not been riding much and now he is all jazzed up again!  I am thinking of keeping a Quarter Horse mare I have had for years to try some cowboy dressage.  What fun!  I have further to go then she does.

The wind was worth it!  We will be sharing our experience and our pictures with our local riders at our meeting next week so I expect you to get many of them in next year's clinic!  

Thanks again, Lynne and Ken Orloff

Quotes from the 2008 LHH Event

"What I loved about the LHH conference was the opportunity to spend an entire weekend with like-minded folks, all concerned with maintaining lightness from start to finish."  
~DML  David Lichman

I have seen a bunch of clinic and tons of DVDs but the Light Hands clinic of 2008 was the best! Dr. Miller’s sessions alone were worth the price of admission. And I never tire of seeing such high caliber, knowledgeable, clinicians do their thing. There’s always something new to learn. And being able to sit with these guys and hear their stories and ask them questions is something most of us never get the opportunity to do.
~Joe Camp
Author of The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Heard
Creator, writer-director of all five Benji movies.

 "Go for the beautiful scenery, the cowgirl poetry, the acoustic music, the campfire-cooked food, and the SHOPPING!  Stay for the education." ~Diane Garrow   Abovelevel.com

"I was fortunate to be invited to the LHH clinic at Santa Inez.  I came away duly impressed.  Debbie's format was perfect and nothing was left undone.  Her months of work and planning paid off.  The beautiful facility was awe-inspiring.  Visitors were greeted with hospitality and friendliness seldom seen at a clinic.  We were just like a big family.  The chuck-wagon food was second to none, along with music during dinner hour.  Horses were shown in a progression from start to finish and Eitan's display was the epitome of true horsemanship.  Next year's clinic will be even greater with new ideas, new additions, and new changes.  It will be an absolute MUST to be present in 09. " 
~Jack Brainard

"As a professor of Psychology, I am intensely familiar with learning theory and the application thereof. As a horseman, I am quite familiar with how the various concepts of 'learning' apply in the relationships I have with my horses. Having studied the approaches and techniques of several trainers, I marvel at how frequently so many of them leave out the basic information needed to fully grasp how a successful horse/human relationship, particularly with regard to training, develops. The 2008 LHH clinic beautifully and intelligently provided a venue to see master horsemen sharing the art and science of working with these animals. There was no pretense at mystical communication, just unrestrained sharing from multiple points of view in a relaxed and gorgeous locale. I eagerly look forward to next year's clinic.
     -Tor Loring-Meier, Ph.D."

Quotes from the 2007 LHH Event

"Regardless of the discipline, lightness and balance is desired of the horse, and light hands should be a goal of the rider."     ~ Robert M. Miller DVM

"......an unforgettable experience and not just an educational venture....it doesn't get any better than this."     

~ Shery Jespersen

"......one of the rare events when great people and great passion all come together and make magic."      

~Lauren La Rue DVM

"......inspiring teaching and a truly unique group of clinicians."  
 ~Barbara & Michael Molland

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